Mobile web (app) testing

You dont have the neccessary mobile device at hand but you’d still like to test your web project ? Here a little guide.

First impression: The mobile readiness tests

To get a first impression about what mobile browsers will think of your page, when they have to load it there are some nice pages out there helping you out on this:

my new #wp #theme extend #Blogum by @wpshower found on @brianbuirge s thesis blog via @GoodDsgnAdvice

Weeks ago I was [again] looking for some clean nice new fresh WP theme I could use for this blog. And again all my search via google + “clean|simple wp theme top list” had no really useful results. Yes, many nice themes, many, oh so many, but if you are too picky you’re never really happy and you start again thinking about doing it completely from scratch by yourself and then you remember how long it took last time until you were finally happy and … (more…)