my new #wp #theme extend #Blogum by @wpshower found on @brianbuirge s thesis blog via @GoodDsgnAdvice

Weeks ago I was [again] looking for some clean nice new fresh WP theme I could use for this blog. And again all my search via google + “clean|simple wp theme top list” had no really useful results. Yes, many nice themes, many, oh so many, but if you are too picky you’re never really happy and you start again thinking about doing it completely from scratch by yourself and then you remember how long it took last time until you were finally happy and … however.

But as an absolute expert in procrastinating I found loads of other awesome things on my way, e.g. The Good Fucking Design Advice (to be honest, most of his website is inspired and based on many of these fucking great advices you can get there),from there I was just a few clicks away to stumble over its creators Thesis blog and there it was: BLOGUM, THE THEME, created by WPShower.

And I took it.

Here is the little change log about the adjustments I did to Blogum:

  • More space for titles – the left columne became wider
  • Adjusted font sizes, letter spacing and color of the right columne to keep the main focus on the article and headlines
  • Replaced the Blogum Dash by this awesome ƥ – looks like a combination of f+b, right ?! oh, yeah 😉

and then this was it, the little start of my web dev blog. Finally.

— Update 12.03.2011 – 19:xy

Today I added

  • new link colors via the Color Scheme Designer 3 – violett for articles, orange for action, green for exit, blue for page internals
  • new fonts and font adjustments to give the whole tristesse a little life
  • CSS switch for the mobile version

And about the pro and con of different WP Theme concepts (plaintext (simple & plain free wp themes), Blogum, Thesis (great setup, high quality code and really easy to adjust)) we can discuss some other time.

Sincerly yours,