WordPress: tags with commas and other / custom taxonomies

My general problem was: no commas in WP tags allowed

E.g. the tag

“Fox, Peter”

is not really allowed as a propper tag in wordpress – the reason ? The “add a tag to your post”-form adds the tags “comma separated”, which means such a tag like ours here

ends up as 2 tags: “Fox” and “Peter”

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Mobile web (app) testing

You dont have the neccessary mobile device at hand but you’d still like to test your web project ? Here a little guide.

First impression: The mobile readiness tests

To get a first impression about what mobile browsers will think of your page, when they have to load it there are some nice pages out there helping you out on this:
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Balloon messages in #CSS3 using the pseudo elements ::before/::after

I had lately balloon messages to design for a project. And I didn’t want to go the old approach, using graphics and a whole markup block just to display a single message.

The target

This is what i wanted my balloon message approach to be capable of:
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my new #wp #theme extend #Blogum by @wpshower found on @brianbuirge s thesis blog via @GoodDsgnAdvice

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thx @nounproject – its free, awesome, huge, icon library now also searchable http://j.mp/hFk0Sq – great success

the Noun Project – as already written in the title – is a huge icon library filled by ppl like you and me, interested in a common symbol language that can be used where ever it is needed.

I use an icon here by myself – the magnifier icon in the search box is an SVG file I downloaded there.