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In my beginnings there was this HTML with loads of tables and it was all a big mess :). Then came CSS in my life, TABLE was replaced by DIV > DIV > DIV > DIV > DIVs and life went on. JS was quite dead at this time so I didn’t care much about it.

PHP + MySQL came next along and finally: the revival of JS within the start of Web2.0 and latest now I had to jump on that train, too. And still I was a kind of disappointed as the capabilities of web development seemed to be quite little and limited – limited to the web and its windows (NOT “Windows”) aka desktop computers.

But web became mobile and the final frontier extended to farfar away; HTML5 (,CSS3, …) and with it the whole change of the mobile app development brings the good old web dev far beyond it’s former frontiers to new worlds, where no man has ever gone before.

On the way into this bright future of bounderless development I want to thank all web devs out there who share their thoughts, doubts and knowledge; and with this blog I’d like to start sharing, too and [cheese alert] try to give back [/cheese alert].

If you’re interested in personal contact you can reach me easily via

  • twitter @foobored
  • or leave a comment down below this article

Have a nice day,

Andreas Bernhard

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